Fast and Easy Protein Smoothies Shake Recipes That You Can Make in The Morning

How to Make Protein Shakes

Like eating a smoothie breakfast every morning?
If you like liquid food like smoothie, we have a protein shake recipe that you must wake from your bed and give some variations to your glass. From mango to mocha, and lime, the delicious and different flavors infuse many of these inventive creations. Each recipe will give your body much needed strength to defend itself from your day or to overcome difficult exercises. So keep going to be creative in using your home blender.

Lets Find How to Make Protein Shakes

1. Lime Cake Protein Shake (27.5-gram protein)

You like something tropical, and want to have a smoothie with cake flavor? Milk shake with the flavor of lemon cake is mandatory you try and make. Prepare 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 8 grams of cheese, lime juice, snack crackers, and milk. Mix it all into a blender and be a sweet but sour snack that contains 14 grams of fiber, which will help keep you bigger, longer.

2. Mocha Protein Shake (28-gram protein)

For fans of coffee drinks, surely you will love this shake milk. By preparing a tin or a glass of black coffee, some slice of banana, walnuts, cocoa powder, chocolate powder, and ice cubes if you want to drink cold. With this delicious all-in-one protein you can get protein which can increase stamina, increase endurance and delay fatigue, which means the pre-gym session of this recipe is perfect.

3. White-colored Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake (28-gram protein)

Full of ascorbic acid, fiber, and phytonutrients, raspberries are a great accessory to any smoothie. Prepare with vanilla protein powder along with raspberry berries, apples with white chocolate then mix them all into a blender, and … voila! This is a dessert in a glass!

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake (32-gram protein)

Peanut butter fans, you are blessed! Use chocolate protein powder then mix it with peanut butter in this recipe. Freeze it will make a cream. In addition, use low-fat milk if you are looking for soy or almond milk. Allergic to peanuts? Try the almond butter.

5. Black Forest Protein Shake (29-gram protein)

If you are a fan of cakes but also like milk shake then this drink is suitable for you, named after the delicious Black Forest cake. By preparing non-diary milk, frozen cherries, dates, cashews, cocoa powder, vanilla powder, brown protein powder, and the last  is melted chocolate. Put in a blender and milk shake flavored black forest cake ready to drink. If you do not have fresh cherries on hand, you can use frozen bananas.

6. Mango Lassi Protein Shake (18-gram protein)

No protein powder is not a problem. This Indian-inspired drink packs it all up because of the lean yogurt from the components. Prepare a slice of mango, low-fat yogurt (main ingredients), vanilla powder, honey, sugar, and ice. Fact: Probiotics in yogurt coupled with enzyme from mango will help digestion.

7. Peachy Green Protein Shake (33-gram protein)

Maybe a green smoothie is too common and you drink it often, but what if you mixed with peaches? Start your day with two green vegetables and 1 fruit with this powerhouse smoothie. Prepare peaches, pineapples, blueberries, and kale will help you get through a difficult morning!

8. Orange Creamsicle Protein Shake (29-gram protein)

One of the uniqueness of this whipped milk is the secret recipe. Yes, the secret of this milk shake is use orange drink with pulp. For example like the popular Minute Maid, you can use the pulpy orange when making milk this orange flavored shake. By just adding a vanilla protein powder, flaxseed, and low yogurt and then mixed in a glass shake or use a blender. You can also taste orange juice in your milk shake. There is no extra sugar in this shake milk because the orange juice and the fruit sweeten the drink.

9. Protein Frosty Chocolat Shake (26-gram protein)

Maybe milk shake chocolate flavor is common, but this one is unusual. By preparing chocolate protein powder, vanilla creamer, milk, and non-calorie sweeteners. The difference is from milk shake chocolate flavor in general, this is not directly shaken or blended, you must boil the ingredients first. Once boiled, you can put it in a blender or mixer glass with extra ice cubes if you like cold.

10. Blueberry-Oatmeal Protein Shake (30-gram protein)

Have a breakfast with a blueberry-oatmeal smoothie shake makes your morning enjoyable. How to make it also quite easy, first fill a bowl of blueberry fruit, add honey and fill the oatmeal, and then yogurt and almond milk. Blend all ingredients and smoothie shake blueberry-oatmeal ready to accompany your breakfast time.

11. Papaya Ginger Smoothie Shake (8-gram protein)

Get all with a smoothie shake from a mixture of papaya, ginger, and banana fruit. Cut the papaya fruit, squeeze the lemon and mix it into a blender or glass shaker, and then put the ginger and banana pieces. Potassium in this shake smoothie will help your blood flow sugar and also prevent muscle cramps. Plus, the nutrients protect the immune and help the absorption of calcium.

12. Grape-Blueberry Protein Shake (25-gram protein)

Tiny fruits, like grapes and blueberries create delicious accessories for your smoothies. And mixing grapes, blueberries, chia seeds, coconut oil, and a little of water then blend it, helps the body absorb ascorbic acid, and potassium in your skin. This will make the stomach does not rumble because the amount of fiber is 13 grams.

13. Mango Blueberry Protein Shake (29-gram protein)

This smoothie shake is suitable for summer drink, not only refreshing but you will get the perfect nutrition from this smoothie shake. Contained a very high dose of ascorbic acid, fill the powdered protein of mango and blueberries, banana slices, almond milk and you can mix this with a spoon of chia seed to add omega-3 and fiber.