Radon Facts : What is Radon and Where is Radon Found

what is radon

What is Radon?

Health problems can be caused by several factors, including environmental factors such as the use of specific building materials. Various building materials such as asbestos, granite, and Italian tuff contain high concentrations of radium-226 that can be a source of radon migration indoors and potentially cause lung cancer.

Among many sources of natural radiation, Radon gets attention to adverse effects on human health. Nature issues natural substances that are carcinogenic. Radon (Rn) is one of them. Those who are exposed to radon will increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

According to The U.S, Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA ) sources Radon radiation causes 20,000 deaths from lung cancer in the USA. The cause of lung cancer number 2 after smoking is Radon. If the level of radon four pCi / L or more EPA recommends the house or building repaired. Because there is no known about safe levels of exposure to radon, So the EPA also suggests that the home or building be restored if the radon content is 2-4 pCi / L.

Currently, Average indoor radon levels at home in the USA are 1.3 pCi / L. There are no known safe levels of exposure to radon, the EPA also recommends that the house or building be repaired if the radon content is 2-4 pCi / L.

Average indoor radon levels at home in the USA are 1.3 pCi / L, and Average outdoor radon levels in the USA are 0.4 pCi / L. Radon formed ionizing radiation and proven causing health problems such as lung cancer.

A radon level of 4 pCi / L in a family house is exposed to radiation as much as 35 times more than would allow by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission if the family stands beside the fence where radioactive waste is. (25 mrem limit, 800 mrem exposure). Most of the US EPA lifetime safety standards for carcinogens are set on 1 in 100,000 death risks. The risk of death for radon at four pCi / L is about 1 in 100, and the Most scientists agree about that. Radon carries about 1000 times the risk of death like other EPA carcinogens, At the level of the four pCi / L EPA guidelines. Let ‘s learn more about radon.

A. Definition of Radon

1. A layman’s Description

What is Radon? Maybe most of us rarely hear it, or this is the first time you hear the word. Therefore, let us discuss together, so that our knowledge of all elements of chemistry especially Radon, becomes increasing. Radon is a substantial component in the periodic table that has the image Rn and nuclear number 86. You can not see, smell or taste radon. Radon exists in almost all environments. One of the impacts of Radon gas is the cause of the emergence of lung cancer. In people who inhale radon with high levels of increased risk of lung cancer.

The effects of cigarettes and radon are synergistic, so smokers exposed to high concentrations of radon will have a higher risk of lung cancer and even more astonishing is that cigarettes have radon gas. In fact, smokers do not realize that as long as they smoke, they have been exposed to the radiation of one of the natural radioactive gases, the radon gas found in the tobacco leaf. This natural dangerous comes from phosphate (P) fertilizer which is fertilized on tobacco leaves so that the radon gas accumulates in tobacco. So smokers will be susceptible to lung cancer because radiation from the radon gas can enter the lungs.

2. A scientific description

Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson Born on August 30, 1871, in Spring Grove, Brightwater, New Zealand. Radon is a highly radioactive gas element discovered by Ernest Rutherford in 1899. This discovery was also credited to the German physicist Friedrich Ernst Dorn in 1900. Friedrich Ernst Dorn (July 27, 1848 – December 16, 1916) was the first German physicist the last time radioactive was given the name Radon, radiated from radium. More specifically, Rutherford discovers alpha radon radiation and Dorn discovers that radium releases gas.

Radon is an inert gas but not chemical and colorless. The radius of the atom is 1.34 angstrom, and it is the heaviest-known radon gas, and it is nine times denser than air. Radon is also quite soluble in water and organic solvents. Radon is not sufficiently inert and forms a stable molecule with a highly electronegative material. Although the reaction with other compounds is relatively rare.

Radon occurs in several forms of isotopes. In the human condition, just two found in noteworthy fixations: radon-222 and radon-220. Radon-222 is an individual from the radioactive rot chain of uranium-238. While Radon-220 is formed in the thorium-232 decay chain. In the process, Radon-222 decays in a radionuclide sequence called radon decay product, radon daughters, or radon progeny. The most easily occur in the environment is radon-222. The radon-222 atmospheric release results in the formation of decay products which are heavy metal radioisotopes (polonium, lead, bismuth) and rapidly attach to other materials in the air such as dust and other elements that facilitate inhalation.

b. Benefits of Radon

Radon has some functions. For example, is used as a source of neutrons and has a role in predicting earthquakes. But the primary use of radon is in the treatment of radiotherapy for cancer. This is ironic, because radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, as well as causing lung tissue damage that can develop into pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema.

In some spas, Radon has been used for alleged medical effects. Radon has a function to initiate and influence chemical reactions and as surface labels in surface reaction studies. It has been obtained by pumping the gas from a radium salt solution, triggering a mixture of gases to combine hydrogen and oxygen, removing water and carbon dioxide by adsorption, and freezing radon.

c. Radon Production

Radon is a natural radioactive gas that can not be seen, smelled, or felt and can only be detected with specialized tools and it is a natural poisonous gas and comes from a physical breakdown (radioactive decay) of uranium. It is not produced as a commercial product.
EXPOSURE: Radon exists in almost all environments. In people who inhale radon have high levels of increased risk of lung cancer. The main routes of human potential exposure to radon are inhalation and ingestion.

Radon in soil, groundwater, or building materials enter the workspace and living space and disintegrate into its decay products. In groundwater, The high concentrations of radon may contribute to exposure to radon through ingestion. Usually, it is more critical the inhalation of radon that released from water.

D. Radon Sources

Where is radon found? Besides in the environment, radon is found indoors or inside the house. The condition and shape of the house/residence or office building is very influential on the presence and concentration of radon. Radon gas levels in closed rooms that have little air ventilation such as houses, apartments, and underground tunnels are rated several times higher than in free air.

Let’s Compared with levels in the open air, humans in the airspace are limited, especially in the underground work area such as mines and buildings, exposed to high radon concentrations and decay products. Average home radon concentrations are generally much lower than average radon concentrations in underground ore mines. In some occupations, Workers are exposed to radon. The level of radon decay products in underground tunnels is now usually less than 1000 Bq / m3 EEC Rn (about 28 pCi / L).

The fact we find in countries with available data. Underground uranium mineworkers are presented to the most significant amounts of radon and decay products and other underground workers, and sure mineral processing workers can also be detected to a considerable degree. Typically, radon will be reduced to homes or rooms with adequate ventilation. Radon can enter the room at home or building through cracks, cracks in construction joints, floor slits, pipe gaps, and well water holes. The incoming radon is then trapped inside the room of the house or building. Usually, the air pressure inside our house is smaller than the soil pressure, causing the radon gas to be pushed to the surface. In normal environmental conditions, of course, we can not see, smell and feel it, but can cause problems in our homes. This is what we need to be aware.

E. Test for Radon

Should you test radon? I think this is the best idea. You can find long term radon test kit in the market. You only know the radon level of your home just with Testing. You will not feel the presence of radon. It usually takes years of exposure before surface problems. The US EPA, the Surgeon General, the American Lung Association, the American Medical Association, and the National Safety Council estimates that as many as 8 million homes across the country have high radon levels. Surveys show that one house in 5 has increased radon levels. So, testing your home for radon is the only way we have.

F. Radon Exposure Prevention

Radon poisoning is a problem for health. There are several steps or preventive efforts that can be done to avoid the risk of lung cancer due to radon radiation in humans. First, need vigilance and thoroughness in selecting and using building materials, especially those derived from mining (asbestos) and gypsum. Second, it is recommended to design a house with thin walls and have a good air ventilation system. Third, reduce the concentration of radon gas in the home or room of a building by putting considerable pressure, among others, by using a fan in every place. Fourth, do not be in a closed room (especially without adequate ventilation) in a long time. Take a moment to get out of the place, to breathe fresh air.

Fast and Easy Protein Smoothies Shake Recipes That You Can Make in The Morning

How to Make Protein Shakes

Like eating a smoothie breakfast every morning?
If you like liquid food like smoothie, we have a protein shake recipe that you must wake from your bed and give some variations to your glass. From mango to mocha, and lime, the delicious and different flavors infuse many of these inventive creations. Each recipe will give your body much needed strength to defend itself from your day or to overcome difficult exercises. So keep going to be creative in using your home blender.

Lets Find How to Make Protein Shakes

1. Lime Cake Protein Shake (27.5-gram protein)

You like something tropical, and want to have a smoothie with cake flavor? Milk shake with the flavor of lemon cake is mandatory you try and make. Prepare 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 8 grams of cheese, lime juice, snack crackers, and milk. Mix it all into a blender and be a sweet but sour snack that contains 14 grams of fiber, which will help keep you bigger, longer.

2. Mocha Protein Shake (28-gram protein)

For fans of coffee drinks, surely you will love this shake milk. By preparing a tin or a glass of black coffee, some slice of banana, walnuts, cocoa powder, chocolate powder, and ice cubes if you want to drink cold. With this delicious all-in-one protein you can get protein which can increase stamina, increase endurance and delay fatigue, which means the pre-gym session of this recipe is perfect.

3. White-colored Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake (28-gram protein)

Full of ascorbic acid, fiber, and phytonutrients, raspberries are a great accessory to any smoothie. Prepare with vanilla protein powder along with raspberry berries, apples with white chocolate then mix them all into a blender, and … voila! This is a dessert in a glass!

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake (32-gram protein)

Peanut butter fans, you are blessed! Use chocolate protein powder then mix it with peanut butter in this recipe. Freeze it will make a cream. In addition, use low-fat milk if you are looking for soy or almond milk. Allergic to peanuts? Try the almond butter.

5. Black Forest Protein Shake (29-gram protein)

If you are a fan of cakes but also like milk shake then this drink is suitable for you, named after the delicious Black Forest cake. By preparing non-diary milk, frozen cherries, dates, cashews, cocoa powder, vanilla powder, brown protein powder, and the last  is melted chocolate. Put in a blender and milk shake flavored black forest cake ready to drink. If you do not have fresh cherries on hand, you can use frozen bananas.

6. Mango Lassi Protein Shake (18-gram protein)

No protein powder is not a problem. This Indian-inspired drink packs it all up because of the lean yogurt from the components. Prepare a slice of mango, low-fat yogurt (main ingredients), vanilla powder, honey, sugar, and ice. Fact: Probiotics in yogurt coupled with enzyme from mango will help digestion.

7. Peachy Green Protein Shake (33-gram protein)

Maybe a green smoothie is too common and you drink it often, but what if you mixed with peaches? Start your day with two green vegetables and 1 fruit with this powerhouse smoothie. Prepare peaches, pineapples, blueberries, and kale will help you get through a difficult morning!

8. Orange Creamsicle Protein Shake (29-gram protein)

One of the uniqueness of this whipped milk is the secret recipe. Yes, the secret of this milk shake is use orange drink with pulp. For example like the popular Minute Maid, you can use the pulpy orange when making milk this orange flavored shake. By just adding a vanilla protein powder, flaxseed, and low yogurt and then mixed in a glass shake or use a blender. You can also taste orange juice in your milk shake. There is no extra sugar in this shake milk because the orange juice and the fruit sweeten the drink.

9. Protein Frosty Chocolat Shake (26-gram protein)

Maybe milk shake chocolate flavor is common, but this one is unusual. By preparing chocolate protein powder, vanilla creamer, milk, and non-calorie sweeteners. The difference is from milk shake chocolate flavor in general, this is not directly shaken or blended, you must boil the ingredients first. Once boiled, you can put it in a blender or mixer glass with extra ice cubes if you like cold.

10. Blueberry-Oatmeal Protein Shake (30-gram protein)

Have a breakfast with a blueberry-oatmeal smoothie shake makes your morning enjoyable. How to make it also quite easy, first fill a bowl of blueberry fruit, add honey and fill the oatmeal, and then yogurt and almond milk. Blend all ingredients and smoothie shake blueberry-oatmeal ready to accompany your breakfast time.

11. Papaya Ginger Smoothie Shake (8-gram protein)

Get all with a smoothie shake from a mixture of papaya, ginger, and banana fruit. Cut the papaya fruit, squeeze the lemon and mix it into a blender or glass shaker, and then put the ginger and banana pieces. Potassium in this shake smoothie will help your blood flow sugar and also prevent muscle cramps. Plus, the nutrients protect the immune and help the absorption of calcium.

12. Grape-Blueberry Protein Shake (25-gram protein)

Tiny fruits, like grapes and blueberries create delicious accessories for your smoothies. And mixing grapes, blueberries, chia seeds, coconut oil, and a little of water then blend it, helps the body absorb ascorbic acid, and potassium in your skin. This will make the stomach does not rumble because the amount of fiber is 13 grams.

13. Mango Blueberry Protein Shake (29-gram protein)

This smoothie shake is suitable for summer drink, not only refreshing but you will get the perfect nutrition from this smoothie shake. Contained a very high dose of ascorbic acid, fill the powdered protein of mango and blueberries, banana slices, almond milk and you can mix this with a spoon of chia seed to add omega-3 and fiber.

Top 6 Advantages of Juicing : Is Juicing Really Good for You ?

Is Juicing Really Good for You

The juicing trend continues to be going strong, and even for a good reason. Whenever you juice you naturally use very healthy ingredients, also it provides your body with a jolt of diet it in all probability wouldn’t get otherwise. Vegetables and fruit would be the most frequently juiced products, which makes it an exercise that will certainly increase your state of health and happiness.

Is Juicing Really Good for You ?

For this reason juicing is really advantageous for much better health…

However, most of the benefits which are claimed with regards to juicing originate from manufacturers of juicers included in the sales hype to purchase their juicer. This will make it difficult to know regardless if you are really getting just as much take advantage of juicing as what’s recommended.

But there are many advantages to juicing that can’t be overlooked, and we’re presenting these to you so that you can make an informed decision on whether juicing fits your needs.

  1. Will get You Eating Vegetables and fruit

If one makes juicing part of your day-to-day existence, you’ll consume much more vegetables and fruit than you’d when you eat them entirely form.

Juicing provides a kind of novelty and makes having your suggested daily consumption of vegetables and fruit a lot simpler. When you munch a couple of stalks of celery and eat all of them with the pile of green spinach after which eat an apple, it might be quite daunting. However, a green smoothie produced from juicing individuals same ingredients could be drunk inside a couple of minutes.

Juicing takes all the nutrients in vegetables and fruit and provides these to you inside a much simpler to consumer format.

Why Juicing Is Essential: Someone who juices is much more prone to meet their daily suggested use of vegetables and fruit than somebody that doesn’t.

  1. Simpler to Digest

Whenever you juice, you’re obtaining the dietary worth of vegetables and fruit, but you’re providing them with in liquid form. This will make it much simpler to digest them, and absorb the nutrients they contain.

Mastication (eating) is the initial step of digestion, and juicing is a means of skipping that step. Many occasions we don’t chew our food enough, which results in indigestion. This is also true for raw vegetables and fruit which require lots of eating to obtain them damaged lower.

Which means that when the juice reaches your stomach and starts being digested, you’ve already had a jump around the process. It won’t be required to act as difficult to break lower the meals and take out the nutrients it requires, and greater number of these vegetables and fruit is going to be use than should you have had eaten them whole.

Why Juicing Is Essential: Juicing basically skips the eating process, meaning vegetables and fruit achieve your digestive tract inside an easier digestible form.

  1. Provides More Energy

You’ll naturally convey more energy from juicing because you will be juicing foods which are filled with nutrients and vitamins that provide you real energy.

Instead of accepting the phony “energy” present in energy drinks packed with caffeine and sugar, it’s much easier for you to come on energy from juicing vegetables and fruit. These food types have absorbed the strength of the sun’s rays, plus they relay that energy for you, yet still time helping virtually every system in your body.

These vegetables and fruit also contain antioxidants which support limit the quantity of oxidative stress placed on our bodies, which help fuel you for hrs on the finish. On top of that, no crash later.

Why Juicing Is Essential: Juicing vegetables and fruit is a terrific way to have an instant hurry of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to assist power you thru your entire day with natural, real energy.

  1. Detoxifies your body

You’ll frequently hear juicing introduced in the same discussion as detoxing since it does such a fantastic job of supplying your body having a ton of nutrients it may use to assist rid itself of toxic waste.

The worthwhile detoxing program will concurrently be supplying your body with lots of nutrients, and that’s why juice fasting is becoming very popular recently. It’s the entire process of eliminating all food aside from juices created using vegetables and fruit particularly selected to assist cleanse key organs from the body.

Typically the most popular organ for detoxing may be the liver, and that’s why you will see juices created using lemon, grapefruit, or garlic clove because these happen to be proven to assist the liver purge itself of poisons and performance because it should.

Why Juicing Is Essential: Juicing provides essential minerals and nutrients the body requires to assist effectively eliminate toxins within the liver, colon, along with other organs.

  1. Can Help You Avoid Dehydration

Juicing is most effective with vegetables and fruit that naturally contain enough water. Juicing them releases water they contain, and for that reason, you’re getting lots of hydration combined with the minerals and vitamins within the vegetables and fruit.

Should you fight to stay hydrated during the day since you forget, or because you want it’d much more of an idea into it, juicing a couple of occasions each day can help you correct any lack of fluids issues you might be getting.

While there’s great debate over just how much water is required each day by an average joe, there appears to become a consensus that many Americans aren’t getting enough water every day, and therefore are in a dehydrated condition, with simply a positive change within the severity.

Why Juicing Is Essential: Juicing can help you meet your everyday dependence on water, assisting to hydrate organs so that they function on all cylinders.

  1. Natural Stress Buster

Among the best reasons for juicing is when versatile it’s. You are able to tailor your juices to some preferred effect, juicing up certain vegetables and fruit for the way you need to feel. Just like some concoctions will help you convey more energy, others will help you cope with stress and calm you lower.

Stock up on green spinach if you are feeling stressed. It has numerous factors that may help you feel good, including being full of tryptophan, the substance in poultry that’s well known for getting on the sleepy condition. Additionally, it contains lots of magnesium, which supports relax your body which helps you cope.

How to Get Good Proper Care and How to Store Beauty Blender

How to Store Beauty Blender

Appliances aren’t cheap.  That’s true whether you’re looking for a fridge, a toaster or perhaps a blender.  If you’ve used your time and cash to analyze and buy a great blender, you’ll wish to here are some ideas to take good proper care of it.  Should you follow these simple tips, you’ll enjoy your blender for many years.

It’s important to maintain your blender clean for your health, in addition, to ensure that is stays in fine condition.

Most blender carafes are going to be it dishwasher safe.  Make sure to browse the manufacturer’s instructions to make certain.  However, you will be able to wash it out the carafe and put it within the dishwasher together with your other dishes.  It may be ideal to clean a plastic carafe by hands or set your dishwasher to air dry without heat.  It’s also wise to wash the blades and also the lid of the blender by hands.

To clean the blender, take away the carafe in the base.  Take away the lid.  Unscrew the underside component.  Look out for the sharp blades.  Take away the gasket seal and also the blade.

Wash all the extra parts of blender completely and make certain they’re dry before reassembling.

Should you made the error of allowing your blender to sit down unwatched and you have to remove some dried on food mix a ratio of just one:1 of sodium bicarbonate and water and run it with the put together blender.  Dump the solution and also you will be able to wash regularly.  This method may also help should there be lingering food odors in your soul blender.

It appears silly to state you shouldn’t over make use of your blender.  However, the relatively small motor inside your blender isn’t much like your vehicle or lawnmower.  It isn’t supposed to have been in constant use for hrs on the finish.  Provide some rest between uses.

You might leave your blender around the counter.  Should you choose, you might want to buy a cover.  However, if you simply ensure that it stays inside your cupboard, when the parts are dry, reassemble your blender and store it inside a dry place.  Should you keep parts individually, you may risk losing essential pieces.  You might dull the blades.  These blades take time and effort to hone.  However, if you simply take care of them correctly, you shouldn’t need to bother about that.

Don’t assume you realize everything about blenders because you’ve used one before.

Read and do as instructed.

Should you over fill the carafe, you might put an additional stress on the motor.Generally, when blending, add some liquid first and then for any solid products.  This enables the motor to obtain began without having to act as difficult to chop or puree another product.

Follow these easy steps, and there isn’t any reason you cannot enjoy your blender for many years.

Only Use As Directed

Blenders possess a fill line for any reason. Fill them as well high, plus they might be unable to handle the burden, resulting in the motor to die prematurely. Strengthen your blender’s motor with the addition of the liquid first when creating a combination which includes both fluids and the solids-a smoothie with orange juice, bananas, and ice, for instance. This allows it to obtain some motion began. Also it won’t be required to exert itself as hard. Should you could crush the ice partly in advance too, your blender could be much obliged.

These steps may appear apparent, but blenders fly out every single day from poor care. Should you take care of neglect the, and fix it correctly, there isn’t any reason your blender can’t last as lengthy as all of your other household appliances much like your TV or vacuum.

How to Xanthelasma Removal at Home With Natural Ingredient

Xanthelasma Removal at Home

Cholesterol deposits can also be known as xanthelasma, yellow-colored small pimples around eyes. This problem doesn’t cause itching or discomfort. An advanced of LDL (low-density lipoproteins), genetics, live illnesses, diabetics along with other conditions are the primary reasons of cholesterol deposits.

According to research printed in 2013 in BioMed Research Worldwide, a lot of instances of cholesterol deposits are along with central being overweight, smoking, hypertension, dyslipidemia and diabetes, what exactly are primary risk reasons for cardiovascular.

Xanthelasma Removal at Home Cholesterol Deposit In Your Eyes

A few people take action despite all the warnings supplied by specialists (source:http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/xanthelasma) . So we want to make existence simpler and first of all Advisable to all the DIY enthusiasts by publishing these records that are worth thousands if you be capable of eliminating your Xanthelasma that you can do at home.

Use Fenugreek Seeds Around Your Eyes

How to Remove Xanthelasma With Natural Ingredient fenugreek

How to Remove Xanthelasma with Fenugreek, you can start by taking a little fenugreek seed and soak them in water overnight. Then, make use of the water around your eyes every morning. Using your fingertips, gently massage the location, therefore the water deep penetrates to the skin. Follow using this method daily.


How to Remove Xanthelasma With Natural Ingredient garlic

Using garlic so popular to remove Xanthelasma. Garlic can also help with flattening the little, bumpy spots because of the info on enzymes there. Additionally, garlic is advantageous for lowering a larger cholesterol level.

Take a garlic and crush it right into a fine powder. Later then add water to create a paste after which put it on in your affected region. Rinse garlic back after one hour. Do that way daily before you achieve the preferred result. It’s recommended to using garlic clove in case your skin is sensitive.

Use Banana Peels

slippery banana skin on a white background

You can peel banana and place it carefully on your eyes (you also can use tape, to maintaining the banana peel). This banana phase should be let stand overnight and by the morning use water to wash your face. Do this repeatedly until your Xanthelasma getting smaller.

Juicing vs Blending: Which One Is Better?

Juicing vs Blending

People often confused the two to be similar. In fact, in some elements they are similar, but in other elements, they are not. For example, people often think they are blending while in fact they are juicing and the other way around. Here is a brief explanation about why Juicing and Blending are two entirely different things.

When juicing, the machine extracts the juice which actually the water and most nutrients and minerals the fruits contain while leaving behind the pulp from the fruits. Different than juicing, blending doesn’t leave the pulp behind. Instead, it pulverizes everything. A simple equation to this when you are searching for a machine that blends, look for a machine that removes the pulp, and if you’re looking for a juicer, you look for a machine that doesn’t remove the pulp instead.

Another question that arises about juicing vs blending is that, which one is better? Well, that depends. It will depend on what your preferences and need. When you’re juicing, you are removing the insoluble fiber or also called, the pulp. Fiber keeps your digestive tract healthy and also slows down the absorption of sugar. But, sugar is not the only thing that’s being slowed down, it also slows down the absorption of some nutrients and some nutrients stay in the fiber.

Talking about which one you should do, it also depends. It depends on what you need at the time. If you need nutrients and minerals that would help you speed up your healing, you might want to juice your fruits. Without all the fiber from the fruits your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard as it should be to break the food and absorb the food. In fact, it makes the nutrients to be more vulnerable to be absorbed by the body in much larger quantities than if you were when you’re trying to eat the whole food.

BUT. Remember, removing the fiber from your drink would result in the liquid juice being absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly than it would be with the fiber. If the ingredients you are juicing only consist of fruits, you might want to check your blood pressure because there will be a rapid spike in blood sugar and unstable blood sugar. Also, if you need to fill your stomach you need to have fiber in your drink because, without fiber in the juice, some people tend to get hungry again after a short period.

There are common rules that applied to both blending and juicing; it’s better to not combine fruits and vegetables all at once because this can affect how well your digestive system would process the food. But, this doesn’t seem to matter that much in green juices and smoothies, but vegetables like carrots, beetroots, broccoli, and zucchini never combine well with fruits due to their high starch content because starchy content has to be eaten alone because starches are digested with different enzymes compared to the enzymes used to digest other food. The food that combines well with almost every food is green leafy veggies.

Hide your drink from light. In fact, after 15 minutes, the light and air will destroy most of the nutrients found in your drink. If you cannot drink straight away or by estimate it will take you long to finish your drink then you need something that covers your drink from the air and light.

Here are some tips on juicing or blending:

  • Limit the fruit in both juices and smoothies to 1-2 servings per drink to prevent excess of sugars. Because you might want to watch your sugar intake.
  • You can add high water content vegetables such as cucumbers and celery when you are juicing because those vegetables would help you add volume and nutrients to your drinks.
    If you want a less pulpy smoothie, adding a regular or coconut water when blending a smoothie would help you solve that problem.
  • Bottom line, when you are blending you are getting everything that’s in the fruit and vegetables except the pulpy texture may be harder to handle. There is a caveat to all of the benefits in both cases and that is sugar.

After reading what we have already explained about blending and juicing, the pros and cons of juicing vs blending, can you decide which one is better? How do you decide which one is better? The solution to that question is easy each method is wonderful methods for eating vegetables and fruit every day. Obviously, the treatment depends on which your system needs or what you would like to complete relating to your health.

If you want to increase your muscle mass you should go for a smoothie. If you want to consume something sweet that won’t effect your weight that much because you’re trying to stay slim or at particular weight, you can go for vegetable-based smoothie. If you want to detox your body and give your digestive system a rest, you can go for a juice. Or if you want another detailed explanation about Blending vs Juicing can you check in here